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Established Mobile Dog Salon in Palmer Township, PA

Besides the fact it is convenient, there are many other advantages to mobile grooming.   Lovin' Touch LLC, is owned and operated by Marla Stocker, is a state of the art grooming facility on wheels traveling to the homes of dog owners.  You have the same person grooming your precious pup everytime  I get to bond with your pup and we establish a trust with each other.  I learn the behaviorisms of your pet and know when adjustments need to be made to ensure your fur baby's comfort during the sap treatment. 

I am a master of cutting nails to ensure your pet's safety.  I have dogs who were a challenge in the beginning, but now allow me to trim them without incident.  Becoming familiar with your fur baby's skin allows me to easily recognize early changes in the health of your valued family member.

Communication with the pet parent is first and foremost in my business policy.

My products are all top quality and I will order specialty products as needed.

In my distraction-free environment, the stress of grooming is greatly reduced.  When your fur baby is in this safe environment and has a bond with me, the final product is amazing.

I groom each and every dog with the love and compassion that they deserve.

Lovin' Touch serves Palmer Township, Forks Township, Easton, Wilson, Nazareth, and Bushkill Township.


I have a certification from North Jersey School of Dog Grooming located in Chatham, NJ. There I completed 450 hours of intensive hands on training for various breeds of dogs in order to receive my certificate. I have also groomed at a veterinary hospital grooming salon and I volunteered grooming dogs at the Center for Animal Health and Welfare in Easton, PA. I attend grooming seminars each year to keep updated on new techniques and products to keep your dog looking beautiful. I am bonded and insured.  I am filling up fast.  I cater to the fears and issues of your pet and give them the most positive experience while getting them groomed.  I have many dogs who have lost their fears by giving them positive reinforcement during the grooming process.  Grooming is a health benefit.  If they become too matted they can develop hot spots underneath their mats, ear infections by accumulating too much hair in the ear canal, and lumps on their body that your vet only sees during regular checkup visits.  Grooming is a preventative measure because the skin is seen during the drying process. Nails are cut to prevent curling nails that can puncture their paw pads.  General health is seen due to changes in their hair, ear problems, skin issues, or behavior that can be caught early to prevent more serious issues in the future,  It is not only about cutting your dog's hair, but can help you be aware of conditions early and save you money in veterinary bills.

Daytime, Evening and Saturday Appointments are Available.

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