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My Full Grooming Services include:

  • Pet consultation - to ensure the services your pet receives are what you expect
  • Breed trims - standard or modified
  • Warm bubble bath - natural, biodegradable products used
  • Warm air fluff drying
  • Sanitary trims
  • Nails Clipped 
  • Ears cleaned and hair removed if needed
  • Bows, bandanas and colognes
  • Soothing pet music
  • Observation of medical issues of skin, ears and teeth problems
  • Specialty services upon request

* Only observations are made. As a groomer, I will observe and advise veterinary care but I will NOT and can NOT diagnose.

Specialty Services  

       * Medicated shampoos
       * Dremelling Nails 
       * Flea & tick baths
       * Breath freshening

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