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Why use a mobile service?

As a mobile groomer, I show up at your residence (or place of business, if you desire), and groom your dog to your specifications right in my van. They are hand dried (not caged dried) on the grooming table after their bath. The dog is being cared for right where he lives, and there is no hassle for you having to get your pet into the car, then driving to a grooming salon, and waiting for them to call you to let you know they are finished. When I am finished, I just bring your dog right up to your door.

Why are fees for mobile groomers more than the local grooming salons?

This service is specialized. I come to you, taking the hassle out of you having to drive back and forth to the local salon. The dogs are not separated from their homes, meaning less emotional stress on them. They receive individualized attention and I use all natural products. Depending on what is required, their time in the mobile will be less than their time in the salon. They are not exposed to other dogs who may have issues such as aggression, fleas, or parasites.

What form of payment do you accept?

I only accept cash and checks. I must charge a $35.00 NFS fee for any returned checks.

Where do you get your water and electricity?

My van is fully self-contained. I have a clean water tank, and a dirty water tank. The generator will run all electrical appliances, including air conditioning and the hot water heater. This is a fully functional van with a bathtub, hydraulic table, built in dryers, and plenty of space to work in.

How long does it take to groom my dog?

It will probably take one to two hours depending on the size and behavior of the dog.   I do not rush, nor do I waste time.  I may have to deal with mats, behavior challenges, or excessive shedding. This all takes extra time in order to be gentle yet effective.

What about vaccinations?

I will NOT groom a dog without proof of vaccinations from your veterinarian. This is a safety issue for myself and your dog. I require they are up to date on their rabies vaccine and distemper vaccine.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

I would suggest every 6 to 8 weeks , especially for a Shih Tzu, Bichon, Havanese, Maltese, Soft Coated Wheaton, any kind of Poodle, and any mix of these breeds. Their coat is soft and grows fast which creates mats, especially under their arms, ears, tail, and sanitary region. If left go too long, the mats create hot spots and irritation for the dog.

What about cancellations?

I require a 2 day notice, unless it's an emergency when you intend to cancel your appointment. A No-Show fee for $30.00 per pet will be assessed. This is because I groom a limited number of dogs per day. Any no-show is a pet I can’t groom, and I don’t do immediate requests due to my scheduling.

Do you tranquilize a dog in order to groom them?

I will not take a dog that needs tranquilizing. This must be done under a veterinarian’s supervision, due to monitoring their heart rate and vital signs when they are sedated. I can give you references of veterinarians who have a grooming department at their hospital.

Why did you choose dog grooming as a profession?

I just love being around dogs. I own two Lhasa Apsos who have been my companions for thirteen years now, and a cat I found abandoned by her mother in my yard. They show me everyday what unconditional love is all about.